Business Litigation Lawyer in Los Angeles

In general, litigation is the commitment of resources to resolve a dispute through court process. Court process includes dispute resolution through arbitration or binding mediation (relatively new concept). Arbitration/ binding mediation is where a person (retired Judge, experienced attorney, or other neutral) is selected or appointed to decide the dispute without a Jury.

A. Liberatore, P.C. has extensive experience litigating a wide variety of business law matters on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in court and arbitration. We have represented local, national, and/or international clients involved in the following manufacturing and service sector industries: heavy equipment, dental and medical, roofing and waterproofing, construction, entertainment, events production, film production, film financing, intellectual property, aviation, chemical, petroleum, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering, textiles, furniture, artistic design and production, legal, insurance, jewelry, internet, among other areas.

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Un abogado de la firma de abogados de A. Liberatore, P.C., especializado en la ley de daños y perjuicios (lesiones personales) en California representa a personas que han tenido lesiones serias como resulatdo de un accidente. Es importante consultar con un abogado especializado en lesiones con el conocimiento y la experiencia que usted necesita.

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